You will only be home buyer ready when your finances allow you to buy a home that meets your needs in an area that you love.

We created the home buyer readiness assessment because most aspirant homeowners start house hunting before they know if they are home buyer ready.

Doing this can waste precious time and hurt your chances to get a bond if you apply for a loan when your finances are not in order.

Fortunately, you won't make this common mistake because Home of My Own has your back!

The assessment results will include:

  • Pricing in the areas you are interested in;
  • Your maximum qualifying affordability; and
  • Your likelihood of getting a home loan based on an assessment of your credit profile.

Your assessment is entirely free and there are no obligations. 

Provide your details and complete your personal information and identity verification process and one of our homeownership consultants will provide you with feedback on your readiness to purchase a home.