• Exclusively focused on helping potential buyers become homeowners

  • We have helped more than 12 000 families become homeowners

When you enquire about one of our developments we will:

  • Provide you a free home buyer readiness assessment of your credit profile and qualifying affordability

  • Help you find a home that suits your needs at the right price

  • Get you a loan to buy your new home

And if you buy through our programme there is no cost to you 


7 ways we support you so you can escape the rental trap:

  • You get a personal homeownership consultant to answer all your questions so that you can buy with confidence

  • A free assessment of your credit profile and qualifying affordability to help you determine your readiness to purchase a home. We will also help you decide the best way to improve your financial profile where necessary

  • Online affordability calculators are wrong 65.7% of the time because they don't take your actual expenditure, property type and current debt profile into account. We achieve 92.7% bond approval rates because we do a detailed assessment of your income and expenditure. In this way we can determine the actual value of the home you can afford before you go house hunting

  • With a wide selection of approved developments to choose from we can help you find that home that matches your needs at the right price

  • A review of the legal purchase documentation before you sign ensures that your interests are looked after

  • On a R 1 million loan a 1% difference in interest rate will cost you an additional R 166 000 so it is critical to get the right deal upfront. We apply for a home loan on your behalf and negotiate the best mortgage deal and monthly payment arrangement for you

  • We advise you on the requirements to meet all the transfer conditions so you avoid the pitfalls that could cause you to lose money or even your new home